Total Control offers an Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC) and an Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC)

Modern motorcycles are capable of incredible performance. That means to safely operate them requires much more than a basic training course. Fortunately, there is a proven solution that has been creating proficicent street and track riders for over 10 years. The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (TCARC) was develped by national champion Lee Parks and has been taught since 1999 as a critical step between an MSF Experienced RiderCourse and track or poice-style school. It teaches proper control of any on-road motorcycle regardless of displacement, size or power. All types of riding are covered whether you own a cruiser, tourer or sportbike. The secret is its proprietary riding technology that is able to replicate the g-forces of high-speed travel at low speeds in a controlled, range based environment.

Because a lot of accidents are caused by the fact that a rider panicked, "freaked out" or target fixated, the TCARC compines its physical techniques with its exclusive mental training. It is here that riders learn how to overcome fear on a motorcycle, how to maintain optimum concentration as well as have the right attitude to make proper decisions before it's too late. Previously this type of advanced psychology was only available in high-level martial arts and special forces training. But we make it available to everyday riders just like you. This revolutionary program has been taught all over th U.S. as well as intrenationally in Europe and even Russia. It has also become a favorite with law enforcement and at military bases around the country.

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