Where do I send my enrollment information to?

PO BOX 207  Red Bluff  CA  96080

What do I need to enroll in the Course?

Any individual, 15.5 years of age or older, who wishes to participate in a CMSP MTC must have a valid Government-issued photo ID. This can be from California, another state, or another country.

Any person younger than 18 years must also have the written permission of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian.

Any potential student who possesses a license that has been restricted due to one or more convictions for driving while impaired may not participate in any CMSP Rider Training Course until all restrictions to the license have been lifted. All potential students will be asked to attest that they are not in possession of a restricted license.


How much does the Course Cost?

If you are 21 years of age or older, the course fee is $258.

If you are 20 years of age or younger, the course fee is $180.


How do I enroll?

Click on the Enrollment Link.

Read the entire page. Read our Enrollment Form. If you agree with the letter, then Call 530.440.9766
Where do I send my enrollment information to?
PO BOX 207  Red Bluff  CA  96080
Where is the office?

There is no office available to the public. All correspondence is usually sent through the mail.


Where is the Course taught?

The Course is taught at the Tehama District Fairgrounds. Located at 650 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff, CA 96080. Click here for map.


How long is the Course?

We teach a two-day Course here in Red Bluff. The Course runs from 7:00 am to 5:00 p.m. the first day and 7:00 am to 2:00 p.m. the second day.


Will there be a lunch break?

Yes. You will have at least one hour to eat what you bring, or to go to one of the local restaurants to eat. We strongly recommend bringing fluids and snacks to keep you fueled while training.


What will I learn?

The California Motorcyclist Safety Program Motorcyclist Training Course (CMSP MTC) is designed for the novice rider with no (or limited) street-riding experience. This course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction. You will learn fundamental skills required to operate the motorcycle and progress to street riding skills and strategies.

Topics covered include fear, understanding how motorcycle turn, proper cornering strategies, and emergency crash avoidance skills. The course is based on the most current research in rider safety and utilizes modern training methods.

Though designed for new rides, any rider that has not taken a motorcycle course will benefit from this clinic.


Is there anything I should do to prepare?


BETTER YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS: It is strongly recommended you review the MTC Student Handbook prior to the course. You will receive a link to the MTC Student Handbook upon enrolment.

Make sure you drink fluids starting at least the night before. Especially if your taking the Course when the weather will be warm. As always, a healthy diet will help. Depending on what type of physical condition you are in, you may be a little sore the next day.  If you feel concerned, it may not be a bad idea to break out that bicycle and ride it around.

Participation in this course requires physical stamina, motor coordination, and mental alertness. You will be required to attest (in writing) that you have no known Physical or Mental limitations and have not used any form of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs that could impair your performance in this course.

We will keep this course as safe as possible for you and the other participants.


What type of motorcycles will we ride?

We have Honda CB125T’s, Kawasaki Eliminator 125’s, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Honda Nighthawk 250’s, Suzuki DR200, Suzuki GS250T.


Can I use my own motorcycle?

Yes. You must have an valid motorcycle license or temporary permit. You will be responsible for any damage to your motorcycle or equipment. Your motorcycle must meet any two of these three criteria:

1. An engine displacement of 500cc or less

2. An unladen weight of 400 pounds or less

3. A seat height of 30" or less


What kind of riding gear do I need to bring?



HELMET - Full face or 3/4 DOT-compliant helmets only. Half helmets are prohibited. Personal helmets are subject to inspection for DOT-compliance and to make sure they are in good working condition.

We will suppply you with a helmet if you do not own one.


EYE PROTECTION - Face shield, goggles or some form of sun/eyeglasses. They may be tinted or clear. Ordinary prescription glasses may be worn.

GLOVES - Must be full finger and cannot be open on the back of the hand. They must be Street Motorcycle Specific and/or durable leather. Mechanics gloves, batting gloves, Mom's dishwashing gloves and surgeon's gloves are NOT acceptable.


PANTS - You must wear long, durable pants. No exceptions. Denim, textile or leather jeans are preferred. All pants are required to have NO holes in them and must come down to the foot. Spandex or cotton leggings are not acceptable.


SHIRT - Durable leather or textile jackets are preferred but long sleeve T-shirts or long sleeve dress shirts that reach the wrist are acceptable. (Shirts alone will barely protect you in a crash!)


SHOES/BOOTS - Over the ankle with little to no heel. Shoes can be an athletic or hiking shoe that provides reinforced ankle support. Boots are preferred. Your footwear should have a good rubber sole for traction and the heel shouldn't be higher that what is commonly on a "workman's boot." Thin fabric shoes made of canvas or other fabrics that do not provide support are NOT acceptable. The classic Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor" or dress shoe are examples of shoes that DO NOT meet the requirements.

Keep in mind; gear that is made for motorcycle riding is best. Bulky gloves and/or high heels, as an example, can make operating the motorcycle not only difficult but unsafe.


What if it rains?

We will ride in the rain. It can and does rain ANY time of the year. If you do not want to ride in wet weather, you may not want to take the course. Unless the weather includes heavy rain and or wind, we will ride. Bring raingear to keep you dry and warm.


What if I need to cancel?

In order to save your deposit, you MUST call 530.440.9766 at least five (5) business days before your scheduled class date.


Do I need my permit first?

No, you do not need to get your permit first.  If you are 20 or under, you can not get your permit until successful completion of this course.


What if I do not pass the Written or Skills Test?

You will not be required to take the course again. You may re-take the test(s) at no cost. Unfortunately, you must re-take the skills test within 60 days.


What do I need to do to graduate and get my Certificate?

You need to participate and attend all sessions. You cannot miss any Classroom or Riding instruction. You must achieve a minimum score on the Written Exam and the Skills Evaluation. Obviously, graduation is not guaranteed. That will be up to you.


When will I get my certificate (DL389)?

Your certificate will be mailed out within 10 days. We usually mail them out before then, but this depends on how busy we are. Usually you will receive your certificate within a week.


What do I do if  I lost my DL389 Certificate?

Please complete the DL389 Replacement Form found here along with a copy of your driver’s license. DL389s expire 12 months from the original date of issue and will not be reissued once it has expired. Obtaining a reissued DL389 will not extend the expiration date. If it has already expired you will need to take the entire course again to receive a new DL389 certificate. We will not be able to reissue your DL389, only CMSP is authorized to reissue the DL389. Replacement DL389s may take up to a 5 working days to process your request.

For a Re-Issue Application, Click here.


Do I still need to go to DMV?

Yes. You will still need to take DMV’s written exam. Study the CA Motorcycle Handbook to prepare yourself. If you already have your permit (which means you have passed the written) all you need is the Certificate (DL389) from this course. This certificate Waives the Skill Test at DMV. Bring that in to DMV within twelve (12) months of the issue date, and that’s it! Contact your local DMV if you have questions.


What if I am the only new rider?

That doesn’t happen very often.  We have new riders in almost every class. Everyone learns and builds skills at different rates. We hope that you will focus on improving and building your own basic skills while you are here. We coach every student individually to help bring out the best skills they can offer.


Will I get a discount on my insurance?

You’ll have to talk to your insurance carrier to answer that. We have found that most insurance companies will offer a discount upon successful completion. Some discounts are significant.


Will the course make me ready for the street?

Good question. As a new rider, the course is designed to prepare you for entry level riding on the street. After you finish, we hope you will be able to answer that question better yourself.